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Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote, educate and advocate for older adults and their families

Through collaboration with non-profit and for-profit organizations, Age Friendly Lakeland maximizes opportunities for seniors to be active, healthy, and engaged with their neighbors by connecting them with resources, each other, and their community. With an emphasis on promoting inclusive livability, Age Friendly Lakeland offers guidance as to available programs, community outreach, and a Senior Brain Trust.

Age Friendly Lakeland helps older adults to:

  • Connect to resources and services that allow for aging in place

  • Interact with their community

  • Maximize opportunities to be active, healthy and engaged

Age Friendly Lakeland:

  • Promotes inclusive livability

  • Offers direction to available programs

  • Provides community outreach and advocacy

  • Invests in the community through a Senior Brain Trust that
    utilizes the experience and expertise of retirees to
    brainstorm solutions to local issues

Age Friendly Lakeland’s vision is to create a community where
older adults and their families are equipped with the necessary
resources to age in place, comfortably and safely.

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